Royal Arsenal Revised Master Plan 2013

TO OBJECT you must either sign one of the petitions or submit directly to the council.

You will need to select Object from the dropdown box.

Objecting at the consultation will not count. To quote the planning department:

“All objections and comments regarding the application should always be sent directly to the Local Planning Authority as stated within the Council’s letter, Press Notice and Site Notice. The collation of comments by Berkeley Homes at its exhibition does not form part of the statutory consultation process run by the Council.”

For other methods of objecting see how to object but this must be lodged with the council by 19 February 2013 to count.

Our Objection:

BuildingsBerkeley Homes are proposing to revise the master plan for the Royal Arsenal again. The original masterplan for the Royal Arsenal passed in 2005 was a medium density development with no building on the current riverside park. Although the 2005 plan included provision for Crossrail Berkeley Homes used the final consent for Crossrail in Woolwich to gain consent for a revised plan in 2008 which was high density and included 12 tower blocks some 22 stories high. They are now using the revised planning requirements for minimum space to argue they should be allowed ever larger buildings and density.

The new plan is a proposed development of mega blocks 14 – 21 stories in height on the river front in place of the current park.

The replacement park will be between the buildings as a narrow strip of land. This park will be frequently in shadow from different buildings and will be a security blackspot.

The build out of towers is highest at the river front and reduces in height to the town centre creating a barrier to the river. Woolwich will be sandwiched between Shooters hill and the towers.

The density is 698 people per hectare . Berkeley Homes are now claiming this is 358 but this is only because they now include the development already here. The total population is going to be over 10,000 people.

The Historic Buildings will be dwarfed. The drawings made up by the architects are somewhat misleading. The view depicted on the consultation documents shows the buildings towering behind the Royal Artillery Building. The buildings are 22 stories and the Royal Artillery is about 3-4. The building depicted behind should be drawn much higher to be accurate.

There is not enough infrastructure planned to accommodate 10,000 new residents. Today children moving into the Royal Arsenal often cannot get a school place immediately. The transport system we have now is full. Crossrail will not take up all these extra people.

Please see how to object for details on making a formal objection to the council. Let your voice be heard.

See the application page for more details on the application before council.

See the consultation page for more details on Berkeley Homes’ current consultation documents. Note where there are differences between application and consultation documents please defer to the application documents. This is what is legally being applied for.


6 thoughts on “Royal Arsenal Revised Master Plan 2013

  1. Chris Knell

    Its dispicable that developers are trying to renage on the committments they made in 2005. Development is fine but they must be held to account.

  2. Richard Todd

    21 stories is needlessly high and just plain greed from Berkley homes. In 5-10 years they will look total crap like all other large tower blocks. 5-6 stories is fine and in keeping with the rest of the area.

  3. Ashleigh Marsh

    I asked several times during the ‘consultation’ on the master plans why the park site was not mentioned in them – I was told it was because ‘planning permission had already been granted.’ Now this – is it criminal?

  4. Neiall Mullery

    i cannot access the petition THE DAY BEFORE . for the area with the worst air quality in London, the absolute shameless greed by these planners to destroy a tiny strip of public use land where cyclists and walkers / runners ,familys can enjoy the clean air next to the river,
    I strongly object .


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